How the FohlenWelt was born

The concept of exhibiting Borussia’s long and eventful history in a museum has been around for well over 20 years. However, back then there was hardly enough space at the Bökelberg for a club archive, let alone a museum. With the exhibition at Schloss Rheydt in 2000 to mark the club’s 100th birthday, this concept became a concrete plan. So, with that began the building up of a club archive and the accumulation of memorabilia from the years gone by, work which intensified following the club’s move to BORUSSIA-PARK in 2004.

As plans for the new building of “Borussia 8 Grad” were finalised, it became clear that there would be enough space for a club museum. In 2015, internal and external experts began to work together with the goal of developing a museum that is more than just an exhibition of pictures, banners, kits and trophies. Everyone involved was set on one thing from the very start: Borussia’s history should not just be shown in this museum, but experienced.

As a result, there is a divide in the FohlenWelt between the so-called chronological sections, where the club’s history from 1900 to the present day is brought to life in story format, and other subject-specific areas, in which the visitors can experience pivotal and magical moments in the club’s history. For example, they can celebrate the life of the Bökelberg, gain profound insights into what sets Borussia apart, and are encouraged to become an active part of the FohlenWelt experience. One of the museum’s most unique features is the selection of guides, which take visitors on a journey through the FohlenWelt, offering various perspectives on the 1000 square metres worth of exhibitions. After three and a half years of designing, an interactive experience was brought to life, an awe-inspiring, goosebump-inducing experience which has been known to leave a tear in the eye of the visitor. Above all, however, the FohlenWelt is an enjoyable experience, which evokes enthusiasm for all things Borussia.


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